Training with Trainers:
The Nose Touch

Why teach a Nose Touch?

This is a super easy skill to teach because dogs LOVE to sniff stuff, and your hand is no exception! Nose touches to your hand are a fantastic way to regain your dog’s focus and attention and have them engaging with you, especially when distractions are present. They can also be beneficial for grooming and vet visits if your dog learns how to hold one. It is also a pretty cool party trick!

Be mindful

Before you start, it is important to understand that there aren’t many dogs out there that like being bopped on the nose, keep this is mind when position your hand, being careful not to face palm your dog.

What treats should you use?

We love the Prime Pantry Trainers or Prime 100 Salmon Single Protein Rolls for this skill. It has a super awesome scent profile that the dogs seem to go nuts for. We dice up the roll into little bite size training pieces.
You can purchase Prime 100 Single Protein Rolls from most major pet retail stores such as Pet Barn or Pet Stock. The Prime Pantry Trainers are available at Coles Supermarkets.

To teach

During this exercise, “Yes” or “Good” can be extremely helpful to communicate to your dog exactly what they’re doing right.

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