Training with Trainers:
The Drop

Why teach using a lure?

Teaching with a lure encourages our dog to operate in a motivational mindset. The drop can be a difficult skill for our dogs to master, so we want the learning process to be fun and enjoyable for them.

What treats should you use?

Luring is most effective when we have something of high value. It needs to be a reward that the dog can easily smell and feel motivated to work for.

Remember, the drop is a difficult position for many dogs to initially learn. At That Dog School we particularly like to use the Prime Pantry Trainers or Prime 100 Duck Single Protein Rolls for this behaviour, as the smell tends to be stronger and keeps the dog interested. Increasing the number of treats held in your hand will also be useful in this behaviour.

How to achieve awesome form

Achieving the right form in the drop is important to consider for future behaviours and to encourage the proper movement of the dog’s body. We want to utilise the natural biomechanics of the dog. The ideal drop occurs from a standing position. The dog should drop their head, bend their elbows, and then follow through with their bottom dropping to the floor.


To teach

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